Before I begin, if you’re a Nigerian who doesn’t know what an ATM is, please raise your hand.

Sigh, everyone, as expected.

A few days ago, someone asked a very crucial question on Quora.

We can all see that right? Okay.

Are there any ATMs in Nigeria? This question had a lot of us confused.

ATMs?  What are those?

For Nigerians who might still not be aware what we’re talking about, the ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It’s a machine used to perform cash transactions.

Yup, those actually exist in some parts of the world.

Even though the question got a few accurate answers like this one, I’d like to really break it down to your full understanding.

This is going to be very educative, trust me.

In Nigeria, we communicate with birds. Everyone has a bird assigned to them, you train and guard your own bird.

Animals and humans are like siblings in this part of the word. No big deal.

As soon as we receive money, we give our birds to fly the money to a land called Naira Treasure Land.

This is where the bird drops the money.

Now, they don’t just dump the money there. Everyone is allowed into that land at least twice a year.

We dig up holes for our money to be stored.

So your bird has already been trained to know your money hole. It’ll now help you drop it, cover the hole, and then return back to you.

We spend many years training these our super smart birds.

So thats were we keep large amounts of money. For smaller amounts for everyday expenses we dig holes around the huts that we live in.

Smart right?

But we usually have to make sure our birds are properly skilled, so they leave no traces of our hole.

You know people could be tempted to steal.

Anyway, we’re sure ATMs are nice.

But this helps us save properly.


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