If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “this modelling will fit me o,” then this is for you. But before you rush into it, let me prepare you for the different types of people you’ll meet in the industry once you’re ready. Pay attention.

Beware of the ones who stand in front of everyone by force

Heyyy designer, i’m the one you want

For they usually don’t get picked.

“Oh no it’s fine, seriously I’m not angry, it’s fine”

There are also the proud one’s who have a history of constantly getting picked

“Okay congratulations but do you have to rub it in our faces? HA!”

Meanwhile we have the one’s who happen to be there by mistake but somehow got picked

Who me? Excuse me sister, what’s happening here?

Congratulations to everyone who’d be walking the show

if you were not picked, please kindly exit the building, see you next year.

Today is the day! Models..

Are you readyyy?!?

This is where we know who the real models are.

I mean the one’s who were truly born for this. The category most people believe they fall into.

Those who bragged about their walk all week and got to the runway to surprise everyone.

“See when I walk, everywhere will scatter” But it really was catastrophic!

There’s also those ones who won’t let anything get in their way

This girl thinks she can stop my shine, God forbid bad thing

These ones literally put the run in runway.  

No one is chasing you aunty, slow down

Those who give up as soon as they get backstage

“I can’t do this anymore, please tell my fans i’d miss them”

You know those people who start to narrate and exaggerate how people were staring at them?

Even if it wasn’t that bad? yeah we have those too

And finally, the designer’s pets who feel the need to form a clique backstage

While everyone hates on them

And next year, we do it all over again

I’m sure by now you’re more than convinced modelling is for you, so go for it!!!


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