What do you do before you breakup with someone? Well, you should try out any of these seven things.

1) Eat

A hungry man is an angry man. So sometimes the reason you want to break up with your partner is because you’ve not had some good food in a while. Before you type that text, order yourself something nice, eat, and then really think about it.

boy eating and smiling gif

2) Bathe

Temperatures are rising and heat sometimes can make you act irrationally. Before you break up, bathe. Let the cold water cool your brain. If you do this before you breakup, then you probably wouldn’t need to anymore

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3) Sleep

Sometimes, you need to forget all of your problems. Close your eyes and sleep. Let the answer to your predicament come to you in your dream. Joseph whomst? You are the real dreamer here.

woman sleeping on public transport

4) Take your partner for deliverance

If you have been complaining about a particular thing and your partner has refused to change, are you sure it is not time to get spiritual forces involved? Maybe you need to take them for delivernace first. When the spirit realm has also rejected their case, then you can move on.

comedian kneeling with bell on his head

5) Do a Twitter poll

Why not leave such an important decision in your life to random strangers on the internet? If your followers and their followers can’t control your life, what are they there for?

Patiencce Ozokwor laughing

6) Check your horscope

It’s possible you only want to break up because Mercury is in retrograde again, or maybe because the moon is in Cancer. Before you take any drastic decision, make sure it’s not just the stars causing trouble again.

7) Take a Zikoko quiz

Your problem could be stress. What better way to destress than with Zikoko quizzes? By the time you’re done, your head would have calmed down and you can decide if you’d proceed with breaking up with them or not.

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