5 Things Every Woman Struggling To Grow Her Hair Can Relate With.

February 6, 2020

There are very few things as triggering for women as the topic of hair. Whether its weaves, weave length, wigs, the great frontal V closure debate; there’s always something to talk about.

Now if extensions are topic enough to get women riled up about hair, wait till you get to the topic of the very hair that grows off the scalp. Worse if you have short hair.

Here are 5 things you absolutely can relate to if you’re a woman going through the struggle of growing your hair:

When you’re hard at work in front of your computer, but you’re really watching Youtube hair tutorials.

When you catch people looking at your hair and you start explaining (unprovoked) how you had long hair in Nursery 3.

The envy in your heart when notice your friends that did the big chop three months ago, are already sporting big afros.

Your hair when it notices you want to put another rose water and river sheen mixture on it.

If you’re natural, when the frustration wants to finish you and you start looking at relaxer like:

Ladies, what’s the most frustrating thing about growing your hair out?

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