Offers opportunity for young changemakers from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa to join the Global Citizen Fellowship Program for a year-long, full-Time, paid placement

International advocacy organisation Global Citizen has today announced that application for the 2022/23 Global Citizen Fellowship Program powered by BeyGOOD is now open until 29th April 2022. Fifteen young African changemakers: five from Nigeria, five from Kenya and five from South Africa, aged between 21 and 25, will be selected to join the coveted fellowship program commencing in July 2022. 

Through the program, which is now in its fourth year, the 15 changemakers will each engage in a paid, year-long, full-time placement aligned to one of Global Citizen’s four pillars of activity: creative, campaigns, rewards, and marketing. Powered by BeyGOOD, the Global Citizen Fellowship Program will unearth African youth with remarkable potential.

The Global Citizen Fellowship, supported by Beyoncé’s BeyGOOD philanthropic initiative and US actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry, aims to empower young Africans to become agents of change, and provide them with tools they need to thrive – not just during their time with Global Citizen but also in any future professional environment.

“With young people (under 25years) making up 60% of the population, Africa is reported to be the youngest continent in the world. Therefore, by investing in the development and empowerment of our youth we are securing a bright future for our continent. These are the leaders of the 21st century and beyond. We need to engage them now and we need them to play an active role in changing the African narrative. It gives me a great sense of pride to see philanthropic organisations such as BeyGOOD and humanitarians like Tyler Perry doing their part in the development of these young people. I’d be even prouder to see more African organisations and humanitarians investing more money and more resources in the empowerment of these young minds. With the little that I have and the powers given to me, I always avail myself to the plight of young people. We must invest in their education and health for the sake of our continent’s wealth. Together, we can conquer these challenges and leave a better world for our young people,” says Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Global Citizen Board Member.

Launched in 2019, following the success of commitments made at the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 in December 2018, the Fellowship is focused on Global Citizen’s vision of eliminating extreme poverty, providing young people with opportunities to gain experience working on social impact projects.

During the course of the year, the fellows learn how to use digital technology for social change, storytelling tactics that shift attitudes, and the process of building lasting professional relationships. The program also aims to foster an in-depth understanding of the role that innovation plays in an ever-changing digital world. 

Ivy McGregor, BeyGOOD, Executive Director says, “With all that is happening in our world right now, educating, empowering and employing our youth to use their voice and vocation to make a positive impact are essential to creating a lasting change. The model BeyGOOD has designed through the Fellowship program, in partnership with Global Citizen, aims to empower young people from marginalised communities across the African continent through paid year-long fellowships intended to advance their lives. This year’s cohorts from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya will be entering at such a critical time. Their impact will be pivotal to dynamic outcomes.”

Global Citizen and BeyGOOD strongly encourage applicants from minorities and underrepresented communities to apply. 

How To Apply

Submit a 2 to 3 minute video or 500 to 700 word essay to, including a copy of your ID or passport, explaining the following:

  • What qualities do you identify with as a Global Citizen? 
  • If selected, what lasting change would you like to achieve through the program?
  • What specific socio-economic issues are you taking action on and why?

Read more about the young people who have previously taken part in the Fellowship program, the issues they’re passionate about, and their experiences during the program by visiting 

“Prior to the Fellowship, I was at university trying to understand my own journey and direction following my experiences during the national #FeesMustFall campaign, where the resistance we experienced fostered self-doubt. The Fellowship journey has added to who I am right now in a sense, where I am more confident in my individual power to play my part in crafting and contributing towards something way bigger than me. Today, in describing myself, I would say that I am a thoughtful person who is conscious of their position in society and is continuously working towards empowering themselves to empower others,”  says Lonwabo Nkonzo, 2019 Global Citizen Fellowship Program

Darnelle Fortune, 2019 Global Citizen Fellowship Program also testifies: “The person I was prior to the Fellowship program is a lot different to who I am now, and in the best ways possible. I would describe Darnelle 2.0 as confident, assertive, and a lot more curious. I learned so much, not just from the Fellowship but from my peers as well, and it has completely changed my view of the world. I gained valuable technical skills in marketing and social media, learning how to use digital platforms as tools to create impactful social change.” 

For further information about the Global Citizen movement, visit For more information about the Global Citizen Fellowship Program powered by BeyGOOD, visit


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