The shooting in Ondo was a devastating incident. But let’s try to focus on the things we can control as we approach the primary elections next week. In the meantime, if you feel overwhelmed right now, here are nine things you can do for self-care this week.

Delete social media for a bit

Political leaders have taken over the timeline to post about their hearts being with us. If you’re enraged, scared or just over the conversation, don’t feel responsible for debating over who said what right now. It’s alright to delete social media and come back to it later.

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It doesn’t change what has happened, but you deserve to rest. You can’t carry Nigeria on your head all the time. Take a break from that for a little while.

Get your PVC

I know you feel like your vote doesn’t matter, but at this rate, we have nothing to lose from actually voting. Let’s stick together and try our best to fight for a different narrative. Sha vote. 

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Take time off work

It may seem extreme, but if everything going on is affecting you emotionally and mentally, ask for time off. Take a sick leave if your HR is disguised as your village people. And if that doesn’t work, tell your boss you’re the boss of your own life, and come and knock on Zikoko’s door.

Ignore the national debaters

Whether it’s an annoyingly chatty Bolt driver who got all his facts from some imaginary bureau of statistics or family members continuously giving their hot takes on the group chat, feel free to ignore everything. Mute or block people until you feel comfortable with receiving information. 

Catch up on an old series/movie

Old series and movies can be comforting. Let all the Aki and Pawpaw memes come to life or watch the Nollywood movies that will raise your standards for love. The nostalgia will give you the escape you need right now.

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Call family and friends

It’s important to stay close to the people you love because thinking about the state of things alone is depressing. So, don’t isolate yourself. Call a friend, and talk about the partner you promised you’d never take back but eventually did. That’ll turn into a one-hour conversation on how you tell dirty lies.

Play something feel-good

We need all the feel-good music we can get, so #BumpThis by Zikoko is your plug. And if you’re really upset and need some light-hearted conversation, check out these Nigerian podcasts killing the scene right now.

Find food

What’s even better than food? Free food. So if there’s someone you can drag out for a quick brunch or try a ridiculous recipe on Youtube, please indulge yourself. Fitfam can circle back next week, or never. Either way, you’ll be fed.

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