Guess who’s coming to dinner, it’s the rona.

Coronavirus in Nigeria

While we all say our collective ‘God forbids’, the reality is that the Coronavirus has done what imported rice cannot do ⁠— infiltrated the Nigerian border.

coronavirus in nigeria

With the new case, the wisest thing to do is to be proactive in taking precautionary steps against the coronavirus in Nigeria. A simple step in that direction is to practice social distancing – where physical space is maintained apart from people to reduce the likelihood of a spread.

coronavirus in Nigeria

With this in mind, here are certain places and things it would be advisable to avoid, pending the time the coronavirus is contained:

Domestic flights.

coronavirus in Nigeria

While the coronavirus is being contained, it is definitely advisable to put off any visits to local destinations. However, where absolutely necessary, domestic flights should be substituted for road travel in self-driven vehicles where possible.

Public transportation.

coronavirus in Nigeria

While this might be difficult to manoeuvre, especially in the states where a genius cut down the modes of transportation; being confined in close quarters with people in your daily commute can greatly increase your chances of catching the coronavirus. Please avoid public transportation where possible.


If it’s easy for a stranger to spill their drink on you at the club, imagine how free-flowing an easily airborne disease would be. 0/10 would not recommend.

coronavirus in nigeria


coronavirus in nigeria

Look, we know wedding jollof rice bangs different, but I promise you want to be alive to eat even more of it in years to come. Which is why you should avoid heavily populated weddings at this time. It would also be advisable to scale down the number of guests you have planned for your wedding during this period. Imagine how much you’d save on catering!


There hasn’t been a better time to connect one on one with God on Fridays and Sundays. Congregating is a little risky right now. But if you’d still like to listen to sermons, online preachings should be available.


coronavirus in nigeria

Think of the Coronavirus as your ‘get out of the gym free card.’ If you actually want to work out, there are plenty of workout videos and guidelines online. Practise that in the comfort of your home within a restrained crowd.


coronavirus in nigeria

An easy place for an unsuspecting victim of the coronavirus to visit is the pharmacy. At this time, it is advisable to avoid these places, resorting to online orders where necessary. The elderly are especially encouraged to send younger people to help purchase drugs on their behalf where this won’t be possible.

Street food.

coronavirus in nigeria

First off, you shouldn’t even be on the road, let alone consuming food sold on the road. Avoid both instances where possible until a proper handle on the virus is made.

Stay safe everyone. Remember to self-distance and hydrate.


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