Unless you don’t live in Nigeria, that’s when you won’t know who Abba Kyari is. For starters, he is the Chief of Staff of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Basically, he is the liaison through the President and the agencies of Government. That means that it is through him the President communicates to the Government and vice versa.

in 2019, due to the increased absence of the President as a result of illness and medical visits, he was in charge of running the country. President Buhari even directed that all queries and requests be sent through him in his absence. So, for a while, he was the informal “President” of Nigeria.

Since the Coronavirus shut down borders all over the world, our leaders haven’t been able to fly out for treatment. So, naturally, some Nigerians were delighted when this news broke:

Abba Kyari

I mean it’s not every day that someone so close to power falls ill and can’t seek treatment outside the country. This means that they have to face the consequences of whatever healthcare facilities we have because they are in charge of budgeting and allocating resources for fixing it.

Nigerians reacted in various ways to this news:

Some people were happy that he would pass the virus to other powerful elites.

Abba Kyari

If I speak I am in big trouble.

This person asked the question that was on all our minds.

Abba Kyari

Nigeria, which way?

This person gave us a lesson in maths and history.

Abba Kyari

A most important question during this critical period.

Abba Kyari


Some Nigerians are also worried about what this means for our Government.

Abba Kyari

We can’t afford inaction at this point.

Then, there was this person advocating for empathy in these trying times.

Abba Kyari

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