If someone asked me to describe Lagos traffic in one word, I would tell that person they’ve clearly never been in Lagos traffic because one word can never be enough to describe the travesty that is congestion in Lagos’ commercial capital.

A mess, wrapped inside faeces, lodged firmly in the underfoot of a rabid dog and maybe we can begin to mildly illustrate the traffic situation in Lagos.

But don’t take our word for it we asked 4 people to tell us their worst traffic experiences in Lagos and here’s what they had to say:

Ope – 4 hours from Berger to Gbagada.

So my traffic story isn’t just Lagos, I’m going to drag Oyo State inside because the evil both states did to me was enough.

I popped into Oyo State one weekend to for a wedding. I didn’t even spend up top two hours there and I dipped, maybe the head of the celebrants caught me and I should actually have stayed longer because it took me four whole hours to get to Lagos from Oyo State. 

But that wasn’t enough, Lagos was just getting started with me. I entered Lagos around 5 and somehow didn’t get home until 9. Nobody ask me how I used the toilet that day, please and thanks.

Aanu – Two hours from Obanikoro to Oregun.

I spent two hours in traffic and while many of you might laugh and say that was beginner level, I just want you to know this was on a Sunday and it was very early in the morning. I was headed to Oregun from Obanikoro and my Uber asked if I’d like to pass through Ketuinstead of Maryland to get there. I agreed and decided to pass the Alternative route, that’s where the problem started. Apparently CAC was having its anniversary and the geniuses that attend the church thought it best to block the roads in celebration.

I think the most annoying thing that happened wasn’t even the traffic, but getting to the point where the traffic started and seeing one woman serving rice from the boot of her car. Who does that?

Boyin- 5 hours on Eko Bridge.

My 2019 December is going to be so squeaky clean, you’ll be able to eat off of it and I have Eko Bridge to thank. December last year, I was coming back from rockies, early even, it was just past 11 PM and I was headed home. Maybe the forces that be were upset with how many cocktails I had that night, perhaps they wanted out of my suya. Anyway, I didn’t get off the bridge until past 4 in the morning. I will be declining all night-time invitations this year, thanks for usual co-operation.

Ann – 4 Hours from Ikoyi to Orile.

I spent 4 hours trying to get from Ikoyi to Orile last week. I saw things I still can’t talk about. Respect my privacy in these trying times.

What are your horror stories in Lagos traffic, let us know!



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