Today again, peaceful #EndSARS protesters have hit the streets across the country and all over the world. The demands are simple- The government has to do something immediately to stop the arm of police that ever so frequently brutalises and assaults Nigerian citizens.

While protesters are out marching, putting themselves at risk of gunshots and exposure to teargas, other people have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to spread the word.

A few other individuals and organisations have taken things a step further, by creating donation platforms. These donations will go towards feeding and taking care of the protesters all across Nigeria.

This article provides some information on some of the individuals and bodies accepting donations for the #EndSARS protesters.

1. The Feminist Coalition

The Feminist Coalition is also a platform where you can donate. They shared a tweet with a link for donations. Here’s a link to the donation

2. Gatefield Impact

Gatefield Impact is collating donations for journalists covering the SARS protests in the North:

3. Send Stories And Images To Soro Soke Nigeria

Nigerian feminists have created Soro Soke, a digital platform to document the events and protect the legacy of the #EndSARS movement and the ones to come.

The team at Soro Soke have been receiving and processing images and stories from protest grounds and finding a home for them on Twitter, Instagram and the website.

You can submit your images and stories and do your part to preserve this historic moment in Nigeria’s history.

Find them on Twitter, Instagram, and web.

If you can’t make the protests and you’re looking to help in some other way, check out this article.

And if you’re looking to know more about SARS, watch this video


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