1960 was a good time in Nigeria. We just gained independence, young people were very involved in politics- and actual young Nigerians too, not guys like this.

Our economy was thriving, traffic wasn’t too crazy and it looked like Nigeria was on the verge of greatness. Then modernity and greed rolled through.

Can you imagine someone that was alive during that period, somehow magically entering Lagos as it is now – with our owambes and five-hour traffic? Here’s what we imagine they’d say if them came through:

“We still don’t have light?”

Fun fact: in 1951, the Electricity Corporation of Nigeria was established to give as many Nigerians as were able to pay for it, light.

Prior to this, electricity was reserved for government offices, quarters and those with pockets to back it up.

“They are still building Lagos-Ibadan expressway?”

Commissioned in 1978 by surprise- Gen Olusegun Obasanjo, very sparse to no information on this great internet lets us know exactly when construction started on the expressway.

We’re going to imagine it started during the late 1960s sha. Either way, it is still being re-constructed in the year of our Lord 2019.

“Obasanjo is still in these zones?”

Obasanjo came into limelight from 1969 as the Commander of the Third Marine Commando.

He served as president from 1999-2007 and is still one of the major rings to kiss before runnng for president in Nigeria.

“Buhari too? You even made him president?”

Buhari has been around for a little bit. Back in 1966, he was a part of the counter-coup that assassinated and overthrew then military Head of State- General Aguyi Ironsi.

“You people spend HOW MUCH on wedding these days?”

Just so you know, the average wedding can cost anywhere from 3.5million naira to 20 or even 100 million niara.

“Is it Ghana’s money I’m seeing that is worth more than the naira like this?”

Ghana gained independence just three years before Nigeria in 1957. One cedi currently exchanges for 75.86 naira.

“You said Dollar is how much now?”

Back in the 60s, our curency was actually the pound. But on January 1, 1973, we switched to the naira. Would you believe back then, one naira equaled just 2 pounds? #takemeback.

“For God’s sake who is Sanwo-Olu and why is he everywhere?”

Coming soon to a street, shirt or bedcover you own, a blown up poster of Lagos Governorship candidate- Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

“You didn’t tell me they don’t wear camo on the streets again now”

Some soldiers in Nigeria still think camo is their exclusive preserve. Make it make sense Lord.

“Where is Kingsway? Mr Biggs? I haven’t really seen Mr Biggs”

steve urkel

Opened in 1948, Kingsway was one of the largest department stores in Nigeria. It thrived until a heavy recession hit in 1980 causing it to fold up its stores across the country.

Mr Biggs was once under it, while wildly successful in the nineties and early aughts, the economy hasn’t been so kind to Mr Biggs and it is currently flailing in a sea of fast food restaurants.



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