When I hear people complaining about this country, I always laugh. If only they knew what this country was really trying to achieve

Nobody looks at the bigger picture.

Take light for instance. You think NEPA doesn’t know that if they don’t take light, you won’t stop watching TV and finally start the work you’re meant to

They just want to make sure you get your work done.

You’ll say our hospitals are bad and doctors are always on strike. Have you ever thought the government just wants you to work hard so you can fly out for treatment like our president?

No? Well, lucky we’re here to tell you

Okay yes, government didn’t supply water to your house but – would you have known how to use one bucket of water to cook, bathe and wash 5 shirts?

See, Nigeria just wants you to know how to manage resources, that’s the truth.

You’re complaining that Police cut the phone when you called to say robbers were attacking. Do you know why they had to do that?

They just want you to finally join that gym you’ve been saying. So you can protect yourself and stop disturbing, abi calling them.

And some might say the price of food is too high. I laugh, Nigeria is honestly too caring!

Of course prices are high, the Nigerian government just wants you to finally start that diet you’ve been talking about for years. Say thank you Nigeria!

Same with fuel scarcity. The ONLY reason we have fuel scarcity is because the government wants you to lose a little weight by walking everywhere

Quote me anywhere, that’s why we have it every year.

Traffic this, traffic that. But have you thought maybe Nigeria just wants you to learn time consciousness?

Oh yes. If traffic from mainland to island will start at 5am, leave your house at 2am, surprise the traffic.

Some might say they’re always at home because there’s no money to go anywhere. Don’t you know Nigeria just wants you to enjoy your rent?

But you spent a lot of money on the house, government just wants you to enjoy it.

Before somebody beats us on the road, it’s joke we’re joking oh!

Does anybody have Canada visa plug? Seriously?


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