Hope You’ve Ironed Your Christmas Clothes? We Might Not Have Light This December.

November 29, 2018

Keeping with the tradition of doing the most to ruin Christmas, don’t expect Nigeria to give you light to watch Home Alone for the 15th year running. This is because the money that was meant to literally power us through till 2019, well, it has finished.

So the gist is, the government back in 2017 granted the sum of 701.9 billion naira to the Nigerian power generating companies (GENCOs) so we would allow our generators rest a little bit and have NEPA take over once in a while. This money was meant to coast us up until 2019, so we wouldn’t have to worry about light for a little bit.

Side-note, do you know how mad it is that 701.9 billion naira was spent on electricity and we still don’t have light 24/7?

Anyway, the money that was meant to last us up until 2019, has started showing red light. The Executive Secretary of the Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC) Dr. Joy Ogaji, speaking at the Power Safety Summit, warned that the money was fast depleting and would probably not last past December 2018, not to speak of 2019.

It has gotten so bad, they’ve actually started cutting NEPA’s light. Well, not exactly- but companies responsible for generating power like Alaoji NIPP have been cut off from gas supply by Shell. Others like First Independent Power Limited have gotten letters, warning that they would be cut off shortly.

If the situation isn’t bad enough, the one authority that can actually help- The Nigerian Government, has refused to pick up their phones. Dr Ogaji has complained that representatives to the Federal Government have been unreachable to communicate how very dire the situation is.

See, I almost understand where the government is coming from. If someone was trying to reach me to borrow another couple billions of Naira, I’ll block them on WhatsApp too. But, this is the fate of Nigerians on the line here, please pick up your phones!!!

So guys, as it’s looking now, light to watch Home Alone or find out what happens at the end Iron Rose isn’t looking very likely. Charge all your power banks, get that Better Pass Your Neighbour and have a very Merry Christmas guys.

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