You don’t have to live in Nigeria to be aware of how bad security currently is in the country. The US has banned us for it. The president is being asked to resign over it, even the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is protesting against it. Now speaking of the CAN protest, Nathaniel Samuel, a self-proclaimed member of the Living Faith Church, on February 2nd, attempted to blow up a Sabon Tasha area branch of the church in Kaduna State. This attempt came one day after the start of the CAN protest.

What we know so far, about the attempted bomber.

His name is Nathaniel Samuel.

And not Mohammed, by any accident. Somebody, please return that journalist to training school.

By his admission, he is a member of the Living Faith Church.

Nathaniel Samuel also admitted to have missed being a pastor of the church, having attended its Leadership and Training School.

From reports, he was turned away from The Living Faith church a week ago.

No reason has yet been given why.

Conflicting reports explain the attempted bombing.

On one hand, it is claimed he waited in the church toilet while the IED placed in a bag was stationed in the main auditorium. Other accounts report that the IED was left in a car on the church premises.

His activity was claimed to have been caught on the Church CCTV camera.

Following which, he was arrested.

Aftermath of Nathaniel Samuel’s arrest.

Many Nigerians have spoken out against his attempt. Some noting that any religion can have a role to play in terrorism.

Organisations like the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) decried his act, but noted that his being Christian proved there are in fact Christian members of the Boko Haram sect. They believe his actions contradict what they believe is the impetus of the CAN protest against insecurity. Others like PDP member – Femi-Fani Kayode are adamant that Samuel is no Christian.

Nothing that, there are a few glaring questions to be answered, however:

1. Why is an Improvised Explosive Device being handled so carelessly?

Detonated or not; from all indications, this is a crudely made device. Why is it being so carelessly tossed about and showcased?

2. Why would a member of the Living Faith Church attempt to blow it up?

No reason behind his actions has been given.

3. Why hasn’t Living Faith Church responded?

Or affirmed whether or not he did in fact attend the pastoral training school?

Do you have any questions about the attempted attack?


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