Three days ago, there was an explosion of unknown cause in Akure. And while there have been several theories about the cause of the Akure explosion, no concrete reason has been found. Yet.

Driven by the need to quickly get to the bottom of this, the government put in place some measures. Here are some of the latest developments:

1) Formation of a multi-disciplinary panel to investigate.

Akure explosion

This team comprises of officers from the Nigerian police bomb disposal unit working alongside members of the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA).

The NGSA is equipped with state of the art technology necessary to examine the soil, rocks, minerals, water and these kinds of investigation scenes.

2) Eye witness account is crucial to solving this case.

Akure explosion

Part of the pieces of this puzzle will be provided by the driver who drove the truck carrying these explosives. We wish him a speedy recovery because his testimony can help shed more light on the case and also give some closure.

3) Look beyond the ordinary.

Akure explosion

We have had a series of explosions in the South West lately that it no longer looks like a coincidence. Hmmm. God save us



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