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When the Nigeria Police Force stated that it had dissolved SARS, it listed 5 action points.

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The IGP stated that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad was dissolved across the Thirty-Six (36) State Commands and the Federal Capital Territory with immediate effect.

He also stated that all officers and men serving in the SARS Unit will be redeployed to another Unit, and that a Citizens and Stakeholders Forum will be launched to advise the Police authority on issues touching the general public.

An investigative team to involve Civil Society Organisationsto handle cases of crimes committee against Citizens and deal with culprits was also itemised as reform plans.


In response to the 5 action points from the IGP, Nigerian youths replied with their own response.

Under the hastag, #5for5, Nigerian youths replied that they wanted immediate release of all arrested protesters, justice for all deceased victims of Police brutality, and the setting up of an independent body to oversee the prosecution of all reports of Police misconduct.

They also stated that in line with the new Police Act, they wanted a psychological evaluation and retraining of all disbanded SARS officials before they can be redeployed, and an increase in Police salary so that police officers are adequately compensated for protecting the lives and property of citizens.

The Police Are Meeting Some Demands

The Nigeria Police Force has fulfilled some of its promises over the past few days.

A day ago, the Force ordered the withdrawal and pyschological  evaluation of all SARS personnel.

Subsequently, the IGP ordered the creation of a new Special Tactics and Weapons Unit (SWAT) which would do the job of the defunct SARS in the mean time.

The SWAT Will be “strictly Intelligence-driven”, barred from indiscriminate and unlawful search of phones and other smart devices and must be free of any pending disciplinary action especially those touching on misuse of firearms and abuse of human rights.

What Do Nigerian Youths Think?

Many Nigerian youths are still not satisfied with the role of the police and the government in all of this.

Top of their concern is that the Police officers who have killed young Nigerians in the peaceful protests be held accountable and brought to book for their actions.

To them, they have not seen any accountability on the part of the Police towards prosecuting their trigger-happy officers.

From the tweets above, it is clear many protesting youths will only leave the streets once they are fully convinced the Government is working in their interests.

When will that happen? No one knows.

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