The 2019 elections will be remembered for many things. Its postponement, all the trash talking, the very many candidates… but for the important role they, the following things didn’t get as much attention.

So here are some of the most overlooked, yet key bits of the 2019 elections, that kept things interesting:

The metaphorical fashion

If the future doesn’t have Buhari in it, I don’t want to see it.

Wear my face on your sleeve, so I know it’s real.

Nigerians displaying an … interesting kind of love.

Who knew we were into objectophilia.

Get this, this thinking human being wanted Atiku to win so bad, he climbed this billboard to emotionally blackmail him to win. Wild.

Then we had this… attack in Lagos.

Is it ever, ever that deep?

On land,in the air, maybe even underground — no where is safe.

Wait what?

Nothing like a little inappropriate analogy to win elections, am I right?

The campaign season also birthed a new kind of fanaticism.

Oh! to be loved like a father, full government name and all.

I mean

Oh you don’t regularly forgive people’s sins for de-camping? Couldn’t be Oshiomole.

Then we had a truly ugly part of the campaigns. The hustling spirit it produced.

For a product that is rightly free, some INEC officials took to charging ₦1000 to well-intending Nigerians, just wishing for the opportunity to vote. A shame.

Then we had the case of the peeping Tom

Talk about trust issues.

And to cap it off, we had a very interesting take on gang-signs this part of the world.


Blown up, in case you missed it.

What was your favourite part about the 2019 election campaign?


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