Coronavirus in Nigeria

There is so much information out there as regards the Coronavirus in Nigeria that it has become hard to separate truth from fiction.

Misinformation is just as deadly as the virus itself so it’s important we get the facts right.

In the name of promoting healthy practices and all-round baby boy and girl living, we the people of Zikoko spoke to a health care practitioner. This is to help us clarify some of the myths about Coronavirus in Nigeria and put us at ease.

1) Black people can’t get the virus.

With the latest reports coming out of African countries about new cases, everyone is at risk of getting infected. There is currently no proof to show that racial difference protects you against being infected.

2) Saltwater can kill viruses.

Unless you are an ordained priest of the church fighting vampires, you have no business with saltwater. Soap, water, and hand sanitizer are the three musketeers that can fight this infection.

3) Heat not only kills workplace productivity, but it also takes along Covid-19 with it?

The temperature required to kill the virus is so high that it’s not practical for everyday use. It would probably kill other unintended things so it’s better to just stick to plain old hand-washing. Soap and clean water are your best friends.

4) After “God forbid”, will a face mask also protect me?

Yes. Only certain types used by healthcare workers have the capacity to protect you. However, surgical masks currently used by the general public don’t have that capacity. Although, it is advisable for infected people to wear surgical masks to reduce the risk of infecting others.

5) The virus is a propaganda by the West.

The Coronavirus is very real and is not a hoax by any Government to incite fear. It is a worldwide emergency, so please take the necessary precautions during this period.

6) My two capsules of antibiotics can protect me from miss Rona.

This is a viral infection so antibiotics don’t have any effect. What you can do is try to eat healthily, get enough sleep, and generally do activities that improve good health I.e staying hydrated.

Remember to take these preventive measures:

Coronavirus in Nigeria

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