We live in uncertain times and that can be scary. What if we promised you some form of certainty? Every day by 12 noon, we’ll bring you the latest updates on the fight against the Covid-19, both in Nigeria and Africa.

The weekend sure went by quickly. In one weekend, we got an increase in the number of reported COVID-19 cases in Nigeria. We also got a scandal by the ambassador for the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. It definitely wasn’t boring for such a stay at home weekend.

Nigerian Update from the past 24 hours:

As at yesterday, 5/04/2020, these are the number of reported cases in Nigeria.

The discharge ratio is a source of hope. It means this disease is beatable and that in itself is comforting.

Worldwide stats:

The United States has the highest number of reported cases and here’s what that looks like:


We sure hope they come out of this stronger and better.

Today’s misinformation:

There’s a new kind of virus which is even worse than the COVID-19 – Misinformation virus.


It’s sad that in this age of fear and uncertainty, some people are spreading misinformation

and inciting panic. The latest wave is that 5G is directly linked to the Coronavirus. This is untrue as there is no correlation whatsoever.

Here’s some clarification from the Nigerian Communications Commission debunking myths about 5G causing the Coronavirus.


Read the full thing here.

Zikoko’s Pro-tip of the day:

Try to disconnect from stressors (the internet) for a few hours every day so you can have non-COVID thoughts. This is a good place to start.

Stay updated:

Stay updated with the latest and factually correct news on COVID-19 by visiting Coronafacts.africa. If you need a reason to visit, just know that we are endorsed by the Africa Centre for Disease Control. 😎

By the way,

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Come back tomorrow by 12 pm for more updates and tips on COVID-19. We will beat this!


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