Nobody sent us work, but we took it upon ourselves to be the unofficial mouthpieces of the Nigerian people.

Truth be told, we’re using you people to hide, these questions have been in our church minds since so we’ll be needing some answers real quick:

When are you people going to increase the fuel prices, let’s ready our minds

Scratch that, when is the fuel scarcity going to start before we have to worry about the fuel prices?

This one is for the NLC. When should we start expecting ‘no going back on strike’? December 25th or 26th, let’s know how we’ll plan our church vigils this year, plis dear.

So, are you saying this might be the last year I can tweet ‘Buhari unhand my Christmas chicken’ before getting thrown in jail for it?

Meanwhile, how far that ₦30,000 minimum wage? 2020 has reached oh.

Speaking of the new year, that vision 2020 they were shouting that year, is it the same 2020 that is in a few weeks, because we are not understanding.

Are we really going to finish December without finding out what the Senate committee decided on Elisha Abbo?

Before the year ends, may we please know the poor that benefited from Abacha’s loot? We do usually confused about these things.


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