Abroad Life has a special place in my heart. I’m always super happy to speak to people about their lives and how living abroad has changed the way they view things. It’s also really great to hear people’s stories and see foreigners through the eyes of Nigerians.

Today, I’m going to be sharing the most read Abroad Life stories from 2020. They also happen to be my favourite.

1. “Rwandan Men Are Boring, We Need More Men Here”- Tomiwa’s Abroad Life

Today’s subject on Abroad Life is a woman who moved to Rwanda for school four years ago. She talks about how different Rwanda is from Nigeria, how Rwandans take their precious time to do everything, and how the men are so boring, she’s given up on dating.

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2. “Religion Ruined My Perfect Relationship” – Abroad Life

Today’s subject on Abroad Life talks about navigating relationships as a young Nigerian man in a new environment: Canada. He talks about how he found love, but lost it because of religious differences.

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3. Abroad Life: We Asked 7 Nigerians The Worst Parts About Living Abroad

The grass always looks greener on the other side. For many Nigerians who leave or plan to leave the country in search of higher education, job opportunities, welfare, closeness with family etc, that saying just might as well be tramp stamped, peeking just a little as they bend to weigh their bags at check-in.

That said, these countries aren’t always what they seem (okay, maybe they are 85% of the time, but still). We asked 7 Nigerians their least favourite things about living abroad, and this is what they had to say

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4. Living in Canada Can Get Extremely Cold, Especially When You’re 29 And Single- Abroad Life

The subject of today’s Abroad Life is a 29-year-old woman who moved to Canada when she was 11. She talks about the sudden move, the lack of community growing up, and her biggest problem in Canada: finding love. 

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5. Nigerians, Forget Canada. Come to the Philippines- Precious’ Abroad Life

The subject of today’s Abroad Life went from living and studying in Anambra to moving to the Philippines where she’s a pharmacy student. She tells us why more Nigerians need to move to the Philippines and why she’s returning to Nigeria soon.

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6. “It’s Strange To Find A Guy In Cyprus Who Isn’t A Fraudster”- Abroad Life

This week’s subject on Abroad Life is a 25-year-old woman who transferred from Nigeria to Cyprus for school. She talks about how underwhelming the country is, her terrible experiences with over-flirty men and the fraud epidemic in Cyprus.

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7. “Moving Abroad Is Not For Everybody”- WhizQueen’s Abroad Life

Today’s subject on Abroad Life moved to Canada over a year ago. She talks about how she successfully migrated and became a permanent resident in nine months and why for some people, she thinks it’s better they stay where they are. 

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8. “It Gets So Lonely in London, I Cry” – Esther’s Abroad Life

Today’s subject on Abroad Life is a 19-year-old woman who is struggling with loneliness in London. She talks about moving to a new country without friends and family and how that has affected her outlook on life. 

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