Listening to the everyday experiences of Nigerians who have stayed abroad is one of the highlights of my week, and this year, I got to hear some pretty amazing stories.

From jaw-dropping stories of grand-scale internet fraud to heartbreaking stories of family betrayal, these are the top 10 most-read Abroad Life stories of 2021.

1. “I Saw $1 Million In Cash And I Almost Lost My Mind” – Abroad Life

When I first started texting the subject of this story, he said to me, “My experience in Malaysia will blow your mind”, and I replied, rather mundanely, “Sure”. By the time we met for this interview, I couldn’t contain my shock at the things he was telling me. I probably said “Whoa” and “Omo” more times than I can count. It’s a real jaw-dropper.

2. “Returning To Nigeria Is The Worst Decision I’ve Ever Made”- Abroad Life

I was speaking with my friend about how writing Abroad Life has changed my perspective on emigrating, and he paused and said, “You should totally interview my dad!” I was excited because I love hearing older people tell me about their lives. They speak so freely. Like they’ve been waiting for someone to ask for their story. 

His dad was no different. All I did was introduce myself, tell him about Abroad Life, and he was ready to tell me everything I wanted to know. He even dragged his wife into the conversation, asking her for specific information like dates and event details. 

3. “I Became A Child Slave In My Aunt’s House” – Abroad Life

Interviewing someone who is telling you a heartbreaking story about their own life is hard sometimes. You don’t know if you should pause and allow them to process their emotions, or if you should ask more questions, or if you should just sit in silence as you hear their voice break because they’re holding back tears. 

Speaking with this subject on Abroad Life, I did all of those things. But you know what made me happy in the end? The hope in her voice. She’s back in Nigeria now and excited about new possibilities. And that’s all that matters. 

4. “I’m Terribly Lonely In Canada”- Abroad Life

This story was personal for me because the subject is my friend. One day, I called him and said, “Let me do your Abroad Life.” He was reluctant at first, but we set up the call and started speaking and for a while, he just kept talking. He later told me it felt like a therapy session. I’m glad he could get it all off his chest. 

5. “There Was No Point Staying In A Place That Didn’t Want Me” – Abroad Life

I find it hilarious that the first time this story’s subject ever considered moving abroad was when he would be watching cartoons as a kid and NEPA would take light. Motivation can come from the strangest of places. 

6. “Canada Denied Me Three Times, I’ll Never Apply Again” – Abroad Life

This story was a wild ride. This subject here had packed his boxes and was ready to leave because he was sure he wasn’t going to be denied a visa the third time. He was on his way to the airport when he opened his passport and saw his third rejection

A few years later, he was in the U.S. getting his master’s in an Ivy League school, but Canada still holds a special place in his heart. 

7. “I Had To Strip To Pay My Sister’s Rent”- Abroad Life

For many people, when it comes to family, nothing is too much to do. The subject on this Abroad Life saw stripping as the only option to pay her sister’s rent and went for it. She loved it. 

8. “My Dad Died, And Everything Changed”- Abroad Life

This story is an emotional rollercoaster, but I’m happy it ends on a high, happy note. It’s my favourite Abroad Life from this year. You should definitely read it. 

9. “I’m In Ireland Because I Ran Away From My Marriage”- Abroad Life

The subject on this Abroad Life saw the opportunity to run away from a marriage she believes she shouldn’t have entered in the first place, left her kids with her sister and ran. She’s such a high-spirited person. She has energy for days!

10. “Living In Dubai Is Not Expensive If You Stay In Your Lane”- Abroad Life

This Abroad Life is much more than what the title says. If “Just do it” was a person, it would be the guy in the story. One day, I want to be like him.

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