If you spent between the ages of 9 and 17 in Nigeria, you probably did some time in Nigerian secondary school.

While there are thousands, probably even hundreds of thousands of schools in Nigeria, there are a few things that make all of our experiences familiar. Let’s check them out shall we?

Getting ready for the first day of a new session like

You already know the sandals are shined and ready to go.

Turning the school sweater into a special fashion statement

Girls swapping with boys. Boys swapping with girls. Rebels everywhere

Using sweaters to hide dirty uniform shirts.

benefits of sunscreen

We’re not judging you, but maybe a little bit

Finessing lunch, dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast from your friends during food and nutrition practicals

These practical saved lives fr.

Putting on your best baffs when another school came to visit

Your favourite uniform, lip gloss and Jojo Mani perfume usually heard it those days.

Did everyone else have someone that was about two years too young to be in their class?

Gombe state 100 computers

Members of the double-double promotion gang.

Every one of us at 13, trying to decide one issue that could affect the rest of our lives – science, commercial or arts.

scared person ielts Zikoko

How is this legal btw?

Rushing to collect notes to complete yours on the morning of open day.

If you didn’t do this, you somehow managed to go through secondary school without studying biology

Getting in trouble with all your friends was one of the best things about secondary school.

No lies detected.

What was your favourite part about secondary school?


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