1. Ghana

Ghana - Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria

Many people don’t consider Ghana when they’re thinking about the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria. Because Nigeria is an ECOWAS country like Ghana, Nigerians with a Nigerian passport can visit Ghana without a visa. As a Nigerian, you can visit Ghana and stay there for 90 days without a visa while you process your permanent residence.

From Lagos, it takes one hour to fly to Accra, and 10 hours to go by road. By all definitions, Ghana is a neighbouring country with much better infrastructure and amenities than Nigeria. Ghana is also very culturally similar to Nigeria, we have similar climates and we have some similar dishes. Nigerians looking to move out of Nigeria in the easiest way possible should consider Ghana as their first stop.

Don’t believe us? Ask this guy. 

2. Ecuador

15 of the most beautiful places to visit in Ecuador - GlobalGrasshopper

When people talk about Ecuador, they hardly forget to mention how beautiful the South American country is. Perhaps a good reason to consider moving to Ecuador as a Nigerian is that it is an untapped territory in terms of saturation by Nigerians — as of 2018, there were only a thousand Nigerians in Ecuador. Ecuador is on the list of countries that Nigerians can visit without a visa, and has been constantly voted as the best country for expatriates to live in because of the quality of life and cost of living. Ecuador is also very similar to Nigeria because it’s a country big on football and dancing.

The easiest way to migrate to Ecuador is through the Ecuador Retirement Visa which allows you to stay in Ecuador for your entire life, as long as a recognised guarantee is willing to pay you $800 every month. This visa has nothing to do with your age. If you can’t qualify for this visa, you can apply for a professional visa. See more info on moving to Ecuador here.

3. Canada

The Most Beautiful Places in Canada | Condé Nast Traveler

 Due to its large mass of land and shortage of skilled workers, Canada is one of the most developed countries with the most straightforward immigration process. Because you have to prove that you have some money in the bank and write some exams, it might not be so cheap, but in the end, it’s not a difficult process. 

If you’re a skilled person with certifications, who doesn’t mind going through (simple) processes, you should check out Canada’s skilled worker’s express entry program. It’s what everyone is doing. 

But don’t forget, you can also move to Canada as a student, get a job when you’re done with school and then apply for permanent residence.

As crazy as it sounds, Canada is one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

4. Paraguay

The 10 Most Beautiful Natural Spots In Paraguay

Paraguay is situated in South America. It shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay is a pretty friendly Country with a low cost of living and it is also relatively safe. Securing a resident permit or visa is also easy and affordable.

You might be asking, “Well, how can I move to Paraguay to settle there?” It’s simple. Apart from the regular documentation and background checks, all you have to do is Deposit a sum of about $4,500 to a Paraguayan bank. Once you have been granted residency, you may withdraw the deposit in full. You can also obtain residency by setting up a company with a minimum capital of the above-mentioned amount; or buying land for agricultural production with a minimum of 10 hectares.

That’s it. That’s all you need to move to Paraguay. $4,500.

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5. Belize

Belize is beautiful, it boasts cultural integration, low cost of living and easy integration because it’s an English-speaking country. It’s pretty easy to fully migrate to Belize. The first step is to acquire a 30-day visit visa. Once you have that and you’re in the country, all you have to do is renew it every 30 days for the next 50 weeks. After 50 weeks, you would need to pay a couple of thousands of dollars to secure your permanent residency. You can also secure a work permit in the process, so you don’t spend 50 weeks without a job. 

After staying in Belize for five years, you can apply for citizenship. 

6. Belgium

Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria- Belgium

The easiest way to get a permanent residency, and eventually citizenship, in Belgium is by getting a job there. If you get a job in Belgium, you automatically qualify to be considered for application for permanent residence. It might take five years, but at least you’ll already be living and working in the country. This makes Belgium one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

7. Australia

Australia-Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria

If you’re not afraid of snakes, spiders and kangaroos, you probably want to move to Australia. It’s a beautiful and advanced English speaking country with amazing study and employment opportunities. Like Canada, Australia has a standard skilled workers program for people that want to migrate into the country. 

8. Mexico

Most Beautiful and Best Cities to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is situated in North America. It offers a low cost of living as well as great food and culture. Here’s the great thing: You can get an FMM visa that allows you to stay in Mexico for 180 days for just $21. When the visa expires, you can renew it a limitless amount of times while still being in the country.

9. Benin Republic

Benin- Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria

Benin is a neighbouring country that doesn’t really have restrictions for Nigerians. It’s definitely easy to move from Nigeria to Benin.



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