From time to time, I see tweets about how living abroad as a Nigerian is tough because it gets lonely. In the past, whenever I saw those tweets, I thought, “I’d rather be lonely abroad than suffering in Nigeria.” But then I spoke with these five people on Abroad Life and their stories made me realise how terrible loneliness can get.

You should check out their stories.

1. Living in Canada Can Get Extremely Cold, Especially When You’re 29 And Single- Abroad Life

The subject of this Abroad Life is a 29-year-old woman who moved to Canada when she was 11. She talks about the sudden move, the lack of community growing up, and her biggest problem in Canada: finding love. 

2. “I Almost Died And Nobody Cared”- Abroad Life

This Abroad Life subject is a woman who left Nigeria in 2016 to study in France. She talks about how her love for travelling has made her visit thirteen countries in the past four years, and how, now that she’s settled in Germany, she’s noticed that everyone minds their business too much.

3. “It Gets So Lonely in London, I Cry” – Esther’s Abroad Life

This subject on Abroad Life is a 19-year-old woman who is struggling with loneliness in London. She talks about moving to a new country without friends and family and how that has affected her outlook on life. 

4. “Religion Ruined My Perfect Relationship” – Abroad Life

This subject on Abroad Life talks about navigating relationships as a young Nigerian man in a new environment: Canada. He talks about how he found love, but lost it because of religious differences. 

5. “I’m Terribly Lonely In Canada”- Abroad Life

The subject of this #AbroadLife is a 22-year-old man who left Nigeria immediately after secondary school. He talks about  being lonely in Canada and why he wants to come back home but can’t just yet. 

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