Beans is one food that is often combined with other foods to bring a different taste of to make it more filling. Today on Ranked, we take on all the possible beans combo to find the worst and the best of all.

7. Beans and yam

This is a good combo. It is filling, and keeps you drinking water. Very good for when you’re broke, the same way we all are. The preparation is quite strenuous though, especially if the yam is hard and does not soften easily.

6. Beans and potatoes

The way I love this combo! Potatoes and beans bangs so hard. It’s total sweetness. And it’s rich in carbs too. My issue with it is the fact that potatoes are not exactly easy to peel. I’ve nicked my fingers a few times while trying to cook them. If you can get past that hurdle, it’s flex.

5. Beans and corn

People don’t talk about this combo enough and it stresses me out. Beans and corn is easily one of the best meals out there. The taste is completely different from any other beans combo, and it’s just as filling too. One excuse people give is that it takes too long to cook. But should that hinder you?

PS: People use sweet corn to supplement fresh maize.

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4. Beans and plantain

I thought long and hard before putting this at number 4. But the truth is, number 3 beats it hands down (check number 3 & come back to fight me). Yes, taste and all, beans and plantain is great. But satisfaction, availability, and quantity nko? And the truth is this: beans and plantain will tire you easily. Yes, I said what I said.

3. Beans and garri

I hope there are others who agree with me on this. Beans and garri is easily available, tastes great and can hold stomach well. Besides, some people still add garri to beans and plantain, so what are we saying?

2. Beans and rice

The way it is like this, elite combination. Nothing at all can take away its position. Rice and beans is elite. Be it cooked together or cooked separately, they align well.

1. Beans and bread

Can we all agree that bread and beans is the baddest to ever do it? CAN WE ALL AGREE, PLEASE? Especially if it’s soft agege bread and ewa agoyin. Goodness. If you are a Nigerian and you don’t like bread and beans, I don’t know for you oh.

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