As an adult, if you don’t have food sensory issues, you should be exposing your palate to new food experiences. Why? Why not? You already play it safe in your relationship and your job, so why not try these very Nigerian smoothies I think would slap. 

Agbalumo smoothie

Imagine taking the first sip of that sweet and sour blend of flavours. It might take a lot of agbalumo to make this smoothie, but it definitely slaps. Trust me. 

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Garri smoothie

Some of you already drink garri with milk and sugar. So if you’re feeling adventurous, simply top it up with fruits like strawberries or pineapples and other unnecessary things. You might as well blend it and carry it in a bottle to work. But if you fall asleep there, you’re on your own. 

Corn smoothie

What is a corn smoothie if not ogi persevering? If you can find joy in drinking ogi as an adult, this should work too. Buy the brown ogi, add your milk or yoghurt and top it with sprinkles. Perfection!

Bitter-leaf smoothie

If you can drink blended kale and all the other green atrocities, you can drink this. Add a bit of malt soda, milk and sugar, and your Nigerian mum would be proud of you for once. 

Groundnut smoothie

Peanuts and groundnut are basically the same thing. If the former can taste great, then groundnut smoothie should slap to the highest heavens. You can even do a garri and groundnut smoothie, or a corn and groundnut smoothie. Nah, y’all need to pay me for these recommendations. 

Jollof rice smoothie

It’s already your favourite food, so it might as well become your favourite smoothie too. Think of it as jollof on the go. If nasty things, like letting people spit in your mouth, don’t bother you then eating blended rice should be fine. 

Every soup in the fridge smoothie

Here me out, instead of throwing away all those small plates of soups in your fridge, why not turn them into one big cup of juice? You’re being less wasteful and eating healthy. What could go wrong?

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