Biting into a sweet agbalumo is an indescribable feeling, but the chances of getting one that actually lives up to expectations are pretty low. So, we’ve gathered 12 tweets you’ll relate to if the struggle of finding the perfect agbalumo has given you trust issues.

1. Agbalumo, the gambler’s fruit.

2. When you’re never lucky enough to get the sweet agbalumo.

3. “Slap in the middle” or whatever Davido said.

4. When the agbalumo seller lies straight to your face.

5. When the best-looking ones taste the worst.

6. No one, not even Peruzzi, slaps harder than an agbalumo.

7. When you slip up and call it “cherry”.

8. When you found out what the real name actually was.

9. When you never know what to expect from the first suck.

10. When you think you’ve found the perfect agbalumo, but then you see maggots inside.

11. When what you tasted wasn’t what you ended up buying.

12. A risk you should never take:



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