Every day, something abominable happens in this country that makes us pause and wonder why God has abandoned us. Today, it was one of our faves that left us speechless with their new pizza “flavour”, spicy catfish pizza. While some people think it’s a terrible idea, some of us appreciate the innovation. In fact, we appreciate it so much, we’ve decided to come up with our own list of things that should definitely be on pizza.

What do you think?

1. Ewa Aganyin

Ewa agoyin and fried plantain Recipe by Cookingwithseki - Cookpad

This started as a joke, but now I think it may actually bang. Imagine it: pizza with beans, tiny pieces of ponmo and plantain scattered all around.  One of these pizza brands  need to get on this, ASAP!

2. Iru

Iru: These are amazing health benefits of African locust bean | Pulse  Nigeria

Imagine opening your box of pizza and being hit in the face by the smell of hot unadulterated locust beans. Yum! Something tells me this may not be the worst idea ever.

3. Avocado

Avocado Puree Recipe: How to Make Avocado Puree Recipe | Homemade Avocado  Puree Recipe

Before I go on, I have to state that avocado slander will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. It was sent to us by God himself and we should be grateful, even though it tastes like a mixture of Vaseline and sweat. Now, imagine mashed avocado slathered all over sizzling pizza bread.Why does this not even exist already?

4. Okra

How to prepare Okra Soup - Howtos.ng

Since you people like making videos where you pick freshly baked pizza and the cheese makes it stretch out, I have an idea for you. Okra. Cheese has nothing on okra when it come to drawing. They’re not mates o.

5. Ofada sauce

Ofada Stew/ palm oil stew Recipe by Nd Beau - Cookpad

No matter how hard these pizza people try, they can’t seem to get pizza to be as spicy as Nigerians want. And that’s because they haven’t tried ofada sauce. It’s the perfect topping because it contains all the meat assortments you need. 10/10, would give it a try.

6. Crayfish


I’m sure this one already exists in some part of the country. Most likely the East.

7. Smoked fish

SMOKED TITUS FISH ( Size 2) • 24 Hours Market | Lagos, Nigeria

Since there’s now catfish pizza, why not bring the whole gang back together?

8. Efo riro


Once again, I’ve struck a golden idea. Efo riro on pizza? You could even roll up the pizza bread like fufu and dip it in the efo. I should open my own pizza store. 


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