So, you like being choked during sex. However, you haven’t been choked in a while because you’ve either been too afraid to ask (for fear of being judged) or no one has agreed to (out of fear of accidentally killing you). Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of 5 foods you can choke yourself with.

As long as you don’t eat them with a drink.

1) Fried Potatoes:

You don’t even have to make it yourself. Just mosey on down to your neighborhood akara woman and get as much as you need.

2) Fried Yam:

In case you’re not a fan of potatoes.

3) Raw Garri:

Just don’t end up dying like the Earth-branded cardinal in “Angels & Demons”.

4) Hobnobs:

Yes, McVitie’s Hobnobs. In fact, pretty much any brand of oatmeal cookies will work.

5) Agege Bread and Peanut Butter:

Combining peanut butter’s super thick texture with the rock-like nature of agege bread? A recipe for premium choking.

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