How do people enjoy Semovita? Or Semolina and whatever form that thing might appear in. Everything about it is stress, and the stress is not rewarded at all. Half the time, it doesn’t turn out right. And when it does, it will go bad almost immediately. This is a list of some of things we hate about Semovita. Raise your hand if you relate to what we are saying.

1. The mixing with cold water before you pour it inside the hot water.

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I don’t know how you prepare your own Semovita, but this is how I learned mine: You put water on the fire to boil. While it is on the fire, you put cold water in another bowl and add a bit of Semovita to it. Then you stir it until it is smooth. When this happens, you pour it into the boiling water and continue to stir.

And for real, I don’t understand why a meal must be so stressful to prepare. Whatever happened to just dumping the Semo powder into hot water and turning it like eba? Why is it that Semo’s life purpose is to stress me?

2. Why does Semo almost always go bad the next day?

For a meal that is pretty much annoying, Semo is quite rude and badly behaved.

3. Why do we have to wait for it to be cold before it can become firm?

Have you ever tried putting Semo inside nylon after making it? Or maybe on a plate. It is always annoying. You can’t eat it, you can’t pack it. You just have to wait until it is cold before it looks reasonable. Why?

4. Did they use lumps to swear for Semovita?

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IT IS ALWAYS LUMPY! Why?! You stress to make it, wait for it to be cold, and still it does not turn out right. Lumps everywhere. Is it a curse? Semo, tell us, are you cursed?

5. Why does Semo always need draw soup before it can balance?

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You might not have noticed, but the only soups you can enjoy semo with is efo and egusi. Other than that, this yeye thing will hang in your throat unless you push it down with okro or ogbono or ewedu. I want to know, why is Semo so proud?

6. Why does it taste sweet sometimes?

Have you ever experienced this thing where the semo tastes a bit sweet and you didn’t add sugar? Someone said it means that it is not done. And I’m seriously tempted to off cloth and fight, because how can it spend such a long time on the fire and still not be done?

7. Why does it turn to stone when it becomes too cold?

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A rare picture of Semo when you leave it to become too cold.

This kind of meal can be taken to war and be used to kill your enemies. If you are here and you like Semo, you might need to see a therapist. Seriously.



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