For the most part, Ghana and Nigeria share a peaceful relationship. Nigeria exports its banging afrobeats, Ghana washes it down with its infinitely easy on the ears highlife. We ping and pong between both locations for December rocks and chummily refer to each other as ‘chale’ and ‘oga’ from across the border. It’s all love on both sides.

Or it is, until you bring up that which must not be spoken about on social media – j*llof rice.

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Because we’re all for world peace and honestly there are so many other foods to focus on (j.rice stans please don’t come for us), here’s a list of awesome, less polarising meals both West African states share:

Roasted meat

What Ghanaians call ‘Chichinga’, Nigerians wack with yaji pepper and a healthy serving of sliced onions.

Buff loaf

Or puff-puff to the country currently exchanging 69 of its Naira for one Cedi.


We may fight over rice grains and make fun of our accents, but Nigerins and Ghanaians have to agree akara/koose is bomb enough to maybe stand as our truce meal when the jollof wars hit tyre streets? Maybe?

Roasted plantain

The friendliest crescent shape you’ve ever seen can be spotted on many street corners between Nigeria and Ghana. Popularly referred to as ‘boli’ in Nigeria, you’re going to call out it’s full government name Kofi Brokeman in Ghana.


Why argue over jollof when we have blessed egusi you bond with? Nigerians and Ghanaians enjoy this melon seed soup in any area code!


So good, it’s name didn’t change when it was being pimped across both countries. A unifying meal, we stan.

Did we miss any? What meals are shared between both countries


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