The ones who just came to eat

They heard “Jollof” and just knew they had to be there. If food runs out at the festival, they’re most likely behind it.

The ones that came to look for love

It’s true when they say the way to some people’s hearts is through their stomach. They came for the food, but they also came to find someone who likes food just as much as they do.

Jollof historians

You’re just there to eat and have a good time, but these people want to explain the story of how Jollof was first created in Senegal in the 14th century. Their stories are nice but these people will distract you. Focus on the food.

Content creators

Even though no one should ever miss a Jollof festival for anything, it happens sometimes. That’s where the content creators come in. They’ll film everything for those who missed out. 

Owambe gatecrashers

These guys will mistake the festival for an owambe and show up. But at least they’ll bring the owambe energy with them.

The cooks

These ones will swear they can cook Jollof rice that’ll make you emotional. They might not be wrong sha, especially if they use great seasoning like Knorr.

The Knorr itself

What’s a good plate of Jollof without the best seasoning? Knorr knows this, so they’re hosting the Knorr Jollof Fest to celebrate food culture. Knorr is encouraging people to Eat for Good by incorporating more healthy options like veggies into their foods, so come ready to eat. There’ll be lots of food from different chefs, lots of games, and a lot of fun to be had. If you know you like food, you definitely want to be there.

It’s happening on July 23, 2023, at Muri Okunola Park, Lagos. To register for the event, just visit the Jollof Fest website, and make sure you show up.



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