Corona is outside and we can’t party as hard as we want. But that does not stop us from daydreaming about all the things we miss, right?

1. The aso ebi.

Or even colour codes for the party. We miss being genuinely excited to dress up for an actual event.

2. The live band.

And good music that will make you throw away your home training. Whew! God when again?

3. Spraying money.

The face you make when the music enters your bones. The face you make when you’re really ready to spray that dollar. The face you make when you want to show them that you mean business. Just what we miss!

4. The food.

Nothing beats the taste of party Jollof. Nothing at all.

5. Showing off.

Because really, what is the point of an owambe if you don’t show off and oppress your haters with your slay?

6. The souvenirs.

Those really fabulous parties where they share anything and everything from matches to tomato paste to Mama Lemon soap.

7. The premium fun that only a correct owambe can give you.

We really miss owambes. Can Corona please pack her load and be going? We have heard your message ma, and we are sorry. Please come and be going.


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