Jollof wars aside, there are a number of foods Nigerians need to appreciate Ghanaians for. Thanks to Ghanaians, we are enjoying these foods, or at least a slightly different version of them. Here’s a list of Ghanaian foods Nigerians enjoy eating.

1. Waakye

PABRA on Twitter: "#DidYouKnow :Ghana's popular Waakye (mix of rice and  cowpea) has a bean version? #BetterBean… "

This one is a fave for a lot of Nigerians. The stew is a special delicacy, as is the whole meal itself. We love it so much, we even gave it a name: “Wanke” instead of “Waakye” which is the original name.

2. Kenkey

Eat the World NYC on Twitter: "GHANA 🇬🇭 Kenkey is usually enjoyed as a  meal with fried fish and spicy pepper sauce. All three can be obtained at  this small Fordham Heights,

Just like Waakye, Kenkey is a favourite of Nigerians. It is usually made of ground maize, wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled. It is eaten with pepper sauce, and believe us when we say it bangs.

3. Fufu and light soup

FUFU - Definition and synonyms of Fufu in the German dictionary

Ghanaian fufu is made by “pounding” cassava and unripe plantains together. When paired with Light Soup, you just know it’s about to go down! The light soup is a tomato-based soup that can be made with chicken, goat, or any other meat.

4. Palava Sauce

Recipes from around the world: Palaver Sauce (Egusi Stew) | by Ben Hinson |  Recipes around the World

Palava sauce is a delicacy made with meat, fish, vegetables and crushed bitter lemon seeds. Egusi soup, no? It could as well be.

5. Plam nut soup

Mbanga/Palmnut Soup - Immaculate Bites

This one is made with fresh palm nuts. Have you ever tried banga soup? Then you already have an idea of how it tastes like. In Ghana, it is eaten with fufu.

6. Banku

File:Grilled tilapia with banku.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Banku is so much like fufu. It is made by fermenting corn flour, and can be eaten with different soups and stews. Finger-licking good, literally.

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