When it comes to the matter of food, I have come to realise that Nigerians are a different breed entirely. They mix the strangest things together and come up with combinations that make you wonder how their how their [redacted] will smell like.

1. Noodles and Skittles.

I mean, how?!

2. Garri and milk with tomato slices.

@upcoming_shef is the cultprit. Find him on Twitter, dears.

3. Yam and egusi soup.

To be very honest, this looks like T-junction property. Something the gods ordered and will be picking up by 12 midnight.

4. Beans and fufu(?), semo(?), pounded yam(?)

Beans and what, exactly? And how will the person eat it?

5. Garri and cake.

I assume the cake serves as a sugar supplement. Cause if not, I fit mad.

6. Noodles and, well, see for yourself.

I think I’d love to taste this. Keep me anon plis.

7. Cornflakes and egg.

Omo. I can hardly stand boiled eggs. Now adding it to cornflakes and milk. OMO.

8. Garri and pawpaw.

*insert Cardi B gif* WHAT WAS THE REASON?!

9. Garri and bread.

As for me sha, I feel say na crase.

10. Beans and spaghetti.

When did beans and spaghetti become a thing sef? But it looks edible, and as much as I’d love to drag these people, I think I want to try it too. Keep me anon, plis.



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