Online sports betting, for all its popularity, still has some limitations. Take, for example, sports like Football, Basketball, and Tennis, which are not available 24/7. There are periods every year where the presence of the human factor necessitates breaks for athletes to avoid burnout/injuries. 

Similarly, virtual betting gaming products that operate 24/7 often miss out on the advantages offered by online sports betting markets, such as Free Bets and impressive acca bonuses (like BetKing’s remarkable 300% acca bonus).

What’s essential in this scenario is a product capable of bridging the gap between these two distinct forms of betting, allowing bettors to enjoy the best of both worlds and truly have it all. 

Introducing FootballGO, BetKing’s flawless fusion of virtual and online sports betting.

What is FootballGO?

FootballGO is BetKing’s latest innovation, meticulously crafted to ensure that in the absence of live football matches, you can still bet on virtual versions of your favourite leagues like the English Premier League, French Ligue One, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and the Spanish LaLiga

While it shares resemblances with the Virtual Leagues such as operating a Random Number Generator system (RNG), FootballGO also has the best betting offers and sportsbook features that punters have come to enjoy with BetKing.

What does this mean? FootballGO allows you to enjoy the benefits of virtual betting (24/7 gameplay, a random simulator) as well as those of online sports betting (BetKing’s 300% acca bonus, 25,000 in Free Bets and much more.

How to play FootballGO with BetKing

To play FootballGO with BetKing, follow these simple steps: 

1. To get started, navigate to the BetKing website, mobile and desktop. On mobile, select “FootballGO” from the drop-down menu and on desktop, select the “FootballGO” tab from the list of options on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the game(s) you’d like to place bets on. As we mentioned already, these leagues include GO Premier League, GO Ligue 1, GO Serie A, GO Bundesliga, and GO La Liga.

2. Within the chosen league you intend to bet on—let’s take GO Premier League as an example—click on your preferred match and make your bet selections. Following the selection of your desired bets, you can then place your chosen amount as a stake and await the simulation to show you whether your picks will be profitable or not. 

3. And finally, it’s important to remember that the more selections you have on your betslip, the higher your acca bonus will be.

N.B: It’s important to remember that, since you can wager your free bets on FootballGO, all you need to do is ensure that each pick has a minimum value of 1.2.

Also, you can mix your FootballGO markets with conventional sports betting markets.

BetKing’s other products 

In addition to FootballGO, you can bet on online sports betting markets with BetKing as well as Virtual Betting, the new BetKing Casino and Jackpot

So, there you have it! The best betting site that allows you to eat your cake and have it is right here. Sign up to create your BetKing account and enjoy the best of both worlds with FootballGO today!


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