You must have heard at one point or the other, how important it is to save. You might have the intention to start someday. You might even be like our friend Ade who started, but is currently struggling to stay motivated and on track with his saving goals. There is some good news for you! 

Ade has been enjoying life with ALAT rewards, especially since he learnt how to Chop life with sense. But just like you, Ade heard the gospel of savings. How then could Ade flex life, but still find a way to save. He had to look no further than the ALAT Savings Challenge! Ade has finally found an accountability partner with the ALAT Savings Challenge from the stables of your favorite financial buddy, ALAT. 

The ALAT Savings Challenge is a unique savings program that helps people like you, I and Ade achieve our financial goals and build healthy savings habits. Whether you are thinking of beginning a savings plan, you started and still struggle to keep up, or  you want to start but do not know how, the ALAT Savings Challenge is your perfect answer.

You might wonder what could be so special about the ALAT Savings Challenge that it changed Ade’s savings culture. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider joining the challenge and saving with ALAT:

1. Spend and Save

While building a savings, unforeseen expenses might come up. Just like Ade, there might be a need for you to make withdrawals. The beauty of the ALAT Savings Challenge is that you can save about 5% to 20% of everything you spend. So, when you are makiing expenses, buying airtime or doing transfers, you can be saving a percentage of all these monies going out. This way, while you are spending, you are actually still saving. This was Ade’s secret to being able to spend and save. 

2. Ajo Savings

Ajo savings or Esusu, is one very popular means we love to save our money. But we know the wahala that comes with Ajo. Now, thanks to the innovative solution by ALAT, anyone with a smartphone can now enjoy a safe and secure savings plan.

ALAT’s savings feature allows users to form savings groups with family and friends, and then take turns receiving lump sum payments. There are many benefits to using this feature. For one, it can help users save more money than they might be able to on their own, as the other members of the group hold them accountable. Additionally, it provides a built-in support system and community, as members work together towards a common goal of financial stability and security.

This feature is also incredibly flexible and customizable. Users can create groups with as few as three members or as many as 12, and can set their own contribution amounts and rotation schedules. The feature also provides an easy way to track group contributions, payments, and schedules, making it simple for all members to stay on top of their obligations.

And if you are like Ade that has suffered at the hands of Ajo handlers in the past, ALAT has decided to provide extra transparency and security to the feature. The platform provides full transparency on all group activities, including contributions and payouts, giving users peace of mind and a clear view of their financial progress. So this time, there is no fear or cause for alarm about your contribution money.

3. Up to 10% Interest

ALAT offers up to a whopping ten percent (10%) additional interest on your savings when you save consistently for at least 30 days. The ALAT Savings Challenge is designed to help you save more money than you would normally do on your own. With automatic savings transfers and this ability to earn up to 10% annual interest on your savings, you can grow your money faster and reach your savings goals sooner. This means that the more you save, the more you earn from your interest. Now, you get rewarded for simply maintaining a good savings culture, thanks to the ALAT savings challenge.

4. Ability to save towards a goal

Saving towards a joint goal is a great way for multiple individuals to work together towards a common financial objective. This could involve setting up a joint savings account or using a budgeting app that allows for shared goals and tracking. Like Ade and his friends, you might want to save towards a Vacation at the Maldives. With the ALAT Savings Challenge, saving towards a goal is a piece of cake. Simply agree on your goals, the amount to be saved and the timeframe for achieving it. 

Of course, regular check-ins can help ensure everyone is on track and adjustments can be made as necessary. With the ALAT security features, there no room for wahala and you can easily actualize your goals. 

5. Loan on Goals

ALAT offers you more than just regular banking. Asides the convenience to save from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule, you also have access to soft loans based on your existing goals. If you have a financial need to meet a specific goal or target, the alert goal-based loan is your bet. The loan calculator easily helps you see how much you get to pay monthly, based on how much you need. Once you accept the terms, your loan is credited to your account immediately. Everything is easier and faster with ALAT!

6. Stay Motivated

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to saving money is staying motivated and on track. For Ade, on some days, he feels like the Clark Kent of savings, and on other days, there is simply no vibe to save. But thanks to the ALAT Savings Challenge, Ade gets receive regular reminders and incentives to keep saving. If you are like Ade on those low days, then you have no cause to worry. You will get reminders and alerts to push you to do the needful, even when you do not feel like. Plus, you can track your progress and celebrate your successes along the way.

7. Be a Part of a supportive community

Saving money can be lonely, but with the ALAT Savings Challenge, you will join a community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards their financial goals. You can share tips and strategies, ask for advice, and support each other as you build healthy savings habits. Through the community, Ade has met Chuks, and together, they’ve been setting pretty amazing savings goals!

8. Peace of Mind

With ALAT, your savings are protected by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), so you can rest easy knowing that your money is safe and secure. Also, the inbuilt security features ensure that no matter the savings plan you decide to do, your money is always safe. No hassle of one member of your contribution defaulting, or absconding with members’ money. Nothing beats this kind of peace of mind! 

If you are looking for a new way to save money and build healthy financial habits, then you should definitely consider getting on the ALAT Savings Challenge. ALAT is the perfect partner to help you save more and stress less about your finances.

Are you ready to take control of your finances, cultivate a savings culture and achieve your financial goals? Click here to get started with ALAT!


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