Hey Z Nation! How’s your savings looking this year? Are you close to your money goals, or is your savings game already in the mud? 

December is approaching fast, and you know you’ll want new shoes, a new wig, and some banging Christmas outfits. How about your Detty December plans? Ah no, it can’t afford to be in the mud oh. We rebuke it! Fam, it’s time to go hard on your savings before it’s too late! 

Here’s an exciting challenge: Sparkle Stash-a-ton 

Can you challenge yourself to save up to ₦250,000 from the 16th of September to the 24th of December? Sparkle is launching a savings challenge called Sparkle Stash-a-ton and you’re invited to join in, hit the savings target, and win an extra ₦250,000.  That’s a whopping ₦500,000 for your December parole!

What is it all about? 

Sparkle Stash-a-ton is your ticket to reaching your end-of-year money goals. It’s a 100-day savings marathon where you save a little every day until you hit the ₦250,000 target by December 24th.  

The top 4 savers who follow through without breaking their stash will each win an extra ₦250,000! What if I don’t win, you ask? Well, there’ll be weekly draws where you get to win cash prizes and other exciting gifts. 

Sounds exciting right? 

Here’s the lowdown: 

The Savings Target: The challenge is for all of us to save up to ₦250,000 by December 24th. That means saving ₦2,500 daily for 100 days starting on the 16th of September. Trust us, your December vibe is going to be off the charts!

The rules of the challenge

The rules are simple. If you already bank with Sparkle, all you need to do is: 

1. Create a Stash 

Create a new stash and give it a unique name – for example, “Mimi’s Stash-a-ton” or “Femsky’s Stash-a-ton”. Yes, Stash-a-ton must be in the name so it’s easy for Sparkle to track your savings progress and reward you for your effort. If you don’t have a Sparkle account, click here to download the app. 

2. Start stashing ₦2,500 daily or as you like 

Remember the goal is to save up to ₦250,000 by December 24th so this means you’ll need to save ₦2,500 daily. So, once you’ve created your stash and named it, all you need to do is add your ₦2,500 every day. In fact, you can decide to stash anyhow you like, it’s totally up to you, just keep the end goal in mind. You can stash 5k daily, 50k weekly or the ₦250,000 all at once if you’re feeling like Odogwu. Your stash, your way! Just be sure to not break your stash. 

3. Win Big  

Now to the good part. If you’re one of the top 4 savers who stay committed, stashing ₦2,500 daily or as you like without breaking your stash, you’re looking at an extra ₦250,000 Christmas bonus. Santa’s got nothing on us! And guess what? Sparkle has a bunch of other goodies up for grabs too, like data, spa vouchers, headphones, weekly cash prizes and more, just for being part of the action. The top 4 Winners will be revealed just a day before Christmas – talk about a holiday treat!

Sparkle Stash-a-ton is all about saving together and reaching a goal of ₦250,000 by December. That’s a lot of sparkle for your Christmas plans!

Are you up for the challenge? Gather your Girlies and Guys and hit your money goals together. That Zanzibar trip might just make it out of the group chat this year. 

Challenge Starts on the 16th of September. 

Signup to Sparkle and get ready to save ₦250,000 in 100days 

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*Sparkle is a digital bank fully licensed by the CBN. Click here to learn more about Sparkle 

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