25 Insults in Yoruba Language That’ll Burn Your Opps Hotter Than Fire

Considering the state of Nigeria, the hospital is the last place you want to end up because you got into an avoidable physical fight. I mean, Davido and Wizkid are prime examples that online gbas gbos is where it’s at right now. So how then do you deliver lethal blows that’ll have your opps begging for mercy? Start with these 25 insults in Yoruba language.

Abi ori nta e?

You’re basically asking if the person has their mental facilities intact. 

Elenu gbogboro

Use this if the person is a gossip with a loose mouth.


If you want to rubbish their fashion game.


For anyone who doesn’t act their age.

Omo ale

It’s the Yoruba version of a bastard. 

Olodo rabata

If they’re not the smartest in the room.

Opolo e ti yoro

You’re saying they’ve got a brain leak. 

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If you don’t want to stress too much about how to abuse in Yoruba, use this one. It always touches a nerve.

Onigbe lenu

For when they have mouth odour.

Iya e, baba e

Use this with caution because you’ve involved their family members.


Use this with your suffix of choice. E.g: Osunmo didinrin, Osunmo ode. 

Wonbiliki wobia

If the person is a “for food only” individual.


It’s the brutal version of wonbiliki wobia.

E ti sinwi

You’re telling the person they’ve gone crazy.


This means a “rubbish person”. The potency depends on the tone of delivery. 

Aye e ma roboskeshi

This Yoruba insult means a person’s life will be full of confusion. 


You’re calling them a goat. Not the GOAT. Just plain old stubborn goat.

Omo odo agba

For anyone who does eye service because of what they stand to benefit.


Means your opp is a mad person. 

Osinwin eniyan

Another way of calling your opp a mad person. 


Means your opp is slow in the head. 


Another word for “swegbe”.

Arinka n j’abata

A way to mock someone who would rather trek then spend on cars or bus fares. 


If they constantly spew trash. 

Oni jibiti

This is the appropriate insult in Yoruba for scammers and 419ers. 

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