It was a tropical paradise on Friday, September 15, 2023, as Calypso, one of Nigeria’s beloved indigenous liqueur brands, hosted an exclusive beach party that was nothing short of extravagant. The theme of the evening: “Switch up the Fun,” set the stage for an unforgettable relaunch event, bringing together celebrities, influencers, artists, and the crème de la crème of Lagos society.

The Ambiance: A Taste of Tropical Paradise

As the sun began its descent over the Lagos shoreline, the Breeze Beach Club transformed into a mesmerising oasis. Glistening waves provided a picturesque backdrop, as the air filled with the harmonious blend of captivating melodies and the fruity scents of coconuts and sweet liqueur. This wasn’t just any beach party; it was a Calypso escape, an experience that would soon become Lagos’ latest obsession.

To add more colour to the evening, guests enjoyed captivating medleys from Chike, Afrohouse Queen – Niniola, Timaya, and Wandecoal, who closed the night with a mix of his best throwback singles and new EPs. Caribbean Carnival dancers, beach girls, and performances from the dance maestro, Kaffy, also got guests very excited. 

Elite Guests, Premium Fashion, and a Noteworthy Experience

The guest list read like a who’s who of Lagos’ high society, with celebrities, influencers, artists, and prominent figures from the business, tech, and corporate worlds gracing the event. But it wasn’t just their status that turned heads; it was their impeccable fashion choices that stole the spotlight. 

Socialites, like Eku Edewor, Hawa Magaji, Akin Faminu, Teddy A, Kaylah, and Simi Drey, along with popular guests such as Kehinde and Taiwo Balogun, Mimi Chaka, Aduke Shitta Bey, Kemi Smallz, Tolu Oniwo, Jemima, BamBam, Aisha Ibrahim-Alfa, Amira Ibrahim-Alfa, and Daisy Handfield, graced the occasion with their presence. These famous personalities, known for their premium and lavish lifestyles, certainly brought their A-game when it came to beach fashion. 

From opulent linen and the softest cotton to delicate mesh and intricately crocheted ensembles, the fashion on display was breathtaking. 

The event was hosted by the dynamic duo of Bovi and Pearl Cardy, who added their charisma and wit to the already electric atmosphere. Together, they kept the audience entertained throughout the night, ensuring that the Calypso Relaunch Beach Party was not just a fashion extravaganza, but also a memorable experience.

Calypso’s Relaunch: The Introduction of Calypso Coconut Liqueur

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the introduction of Calypso Coconut Liqueur. This exquisite tropical coconut-flavoured drink promises to redefine relaxation. Whether guests sought a tranquil escape at home, hosted gatherings with friends, or joined a beach getaway, Calypso Coconut Liqueur was set to be their new obsession.

Stanley Obi, the Director of the Prime Business Unit, Grand Oak Limited, in his welcome address to the guest, said: “Tonight, we celebrate not just the relaunch of Calypso, but the essence of a brand that has always stood for beachside elegance and the joy of living in the moment. Calypso has always been about more than just fashion, it’s about embracing life with open arms, cherishing every moment, and living fully in the present. Tonight, we’ve not only relaunched a brand, but we’ve also rekindled the spirit of beachside excitement and are helping Nigerian fun-seekers switch up the fun.

Crafted to deliver a unique experience, Calypso liqueur caters to individuals with discerning palates, embodying fun, and quality. Calypso didn’t just throw a party; it created a transcendent experience – an invitation to explore the lush realms of luxury and tropical allure right in the heart of Lagos.

Meet your soon-to-be obsession! 

Calypso Coconut Liqueur is well on its way to being the most enjoyed liqueur with dual-purpose consumption. Modupe Aremo, Brand Business Manager, Calypso, and Apperito, noted this: “Calypso Coconut Liqueur is more than just a drink; it’s a versatile companion to our beachside moments. Whether sipped leisurely or creatively mixed into cocktails, it’s on its way to becoming a favourite for those who appreciate quality and innovation.

Her words echoed the sentiments of many, highlighting the brand’s commitment to offering a unique and enjoyable experience.

Against the backdrop of Lagos’ stunning coastline, elite guests indulged in opulent fashion, captivating ambiance, and the tantalising taste of Calypso Coconut Liqueur. Calypso has once again proven that it is the liqueur of the moment m, setting the standard for premium experiences in Lagos.

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