It’s actually a very common tale. Frustrated at the weekend’s results, you pull up your betslip once more to agonize over the last-minute VAR denial of a perfectly legit goal and lament the decision that cost you over ₦12,000,000. And as they’ve done all weekend, everyone around rolls their eyes at your inability to let it go. 

How do you ensure that you’re never in that position again? The answer is simple – FlexiCUT can ensure that’s not an issue again as BetKing’s new feature essentially lets you insure your betslip. 

But what, exactly, is FlexiCUT? 

Introducing FlexiCUT by BetKing 

FlexiCUT is BetKing’s new feature with one simple, but vital purpose – to help you insure your betslip against the chances of one, two, three, four, even SEVERAL wrong events on your betslip.  

Basically, this means that if you activate the feature when you place a bet, you can still win even after several wrong selections. 

Understanding the Need for Bet Insurance 

Because there are too many variables and risks associated with online sports betting to not welcome the possibility of a way you can insure your bet. 

Every bettor faces the same challenges – biased (from their POV) officiating, human error, plucky underdogs standing strong, sentiment and even technological interference. Which is exactly why an option to insure your betslip and get several picks wrong is so appealing to us.  

How FlexiCUT Works 

To use FlexiCUT, you first need to know exactly how it works. Well, here’s how in five easy steps:  

  1. Create a BetKing account or sign in as an existing customer.  
  2. Navigate to the online sports betting markets or FootballGO 
  3. Make your picks. Naturally, this is after you’ve done the forecast of your betting tips.  
    Pro tip: You can get expert, FREE bet predictions on the BetKing Blog 
  4. Activate Flexicut on the “betslip” page and select the maximum number of wrong picks you want FlexiCUT to insure. 
  5. Place your bet.  

It’s really that easy. 

Benefits of Using FlexiCUT 

There are several ways FlexiCUT improves your betting experience, such as: 

Risk reduction; an increased margin of error: First, the obvious. FlexiCUT increasing your margin of error means that you can take more risks, safe in the knowledge that you have a safety net to keep your betslip afloat.  

Increased confidence in betting: A consequence of narrow betslip losses can lead to you doubting yourself, even with the safest picks. FlexiCUT helps to increase your confidence by providing you the aforementioned margin for error, allowing you to bet on your favorite teams once again. 

Higher chance of winning steadily: What’s better, a 0.02% chance of winning ₦31,625,153.50 (the amount won by BetKing’s big winner last week) or an increased chance of winning smaller sums more often? We’ll go with the latter any day. Stability rules!  

Tips for Maximizing FlexiCUT 

Here are some tips that could help you make the most of BetKing’s FlexiCUT: 

  1. Research your bet picks properly: This is a given, of course. Just because you’re activating a safety net does not mean you should bet recklessly. You can take some risks but be careful to not go overboard.  
  2. Invest time in betting tips: This can take up a lot of time, so platforms that provide expert betting tips are invaluable. An example of one such platform is BetKing’s blog, where you can get tips on ALL the products offered by the gaming company.  
  3. You can bet higher sums to boost the win: Since the risk is being mitigated, one way to win big is to increase the amount you’re betting. That way, you can still enjoy massive multiples.  


And there you have it!  

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