Public relations is invaluable to businesses and individuals for numerous reasons. Whether you want to get the word out about a new product or attract the right kind of press, high-quality PR can help make that happen. 

With many modern influencers and brands looking to elevate their status on social media, it may seem like PR is old-school. 

In reality, that could not be further from the truth—if you are chasing that elusive blue tick, PR may be precisely what you need to get your brand and face in front of the right people to make that happen.

PR agencies enable coverage on top news sites

As you go through the verification process, one of the first things social media employees will probably check is your presence outside of the platform. 

While that blue tick conveys a certain level of status, the primary intention behind the verification system is to ensure that you are who you say you are—and not someone else pretending to be you.

Coverage on PR news sites provides that additional level of fame outside of your platform of choice, helping social media platforms understand why you are worthy of verification. 

PR can help you make your face or brand visible, demonstrating why it is important to award you with verification.

With the right PR, you can ensure that your brand and presence are legitimate and visible beyond the constraints of a specific platform or service. The use of PR gets your name out to a broader audience and makes you more of a household name instead of just another influencer or digital brand. The more PR you generate, the better it is for your credibility.

Could Baden Bower become the best PR agency to get verified on social media?

Baden Bower obtains exposure through its patented placement technology, which searches the globe for outlets that will enable the firm to print favorable stories about companies and brands.

Baden Bower is believed by many to be one of the top-rated PR firms in the nation for one principle: getting amazing media coverage for every client, guaranteed. 

Their clients are entrepreneurs, thought leaders, writers, marketers, and creatives with a passion for building effective campaigns that yield results. 

The company shares that the first steps are the hardest if you are starting from scratch with social media for a brand. But with the proper news stories in highly respected global news publications, it can be easier than you think to cut down on the lengthy-time frame between account creation and social media verification

With a good PR campaign, getting your brand in front of the right people can mean faster, more effective growth.



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