Students hate the ASUU strike, but what they hate even more is having people give their hot takes on the issue. On the surface, they’re innocent statements from a genuine place but when you think of how depressing the situation already is for students waiting on the government to make things work *tears* you’d understand why it hurts to hear them.

Here are seven things you must never say to a student stuck at home because of the ASUU strike:

“What’s the update on ASUU?”

When you ask this one time, it’s okay, but always asking this same question when you know there’s never an update with this government is traumatising. If you care so much, you should just follow up on the news yourself.

You know you can just check their site sha

“You should learn handwork”

You can advise someone to learn a trade or business without trying to force the idea down their throat. Like it or not, not everyone is interested in entrepreneurship, and that’s okay. Even if you have passion, you may fail because pursuing dreams is not for the fainthearted.

But I went to school to avoid this 

“When are you going to serve?”

NYSC is not so great, so chill. You see all the variations of this statement — Where do you work? Are you still in school? How many years has it been now? —throw them away because from what we hear, they’re ready to fight you for them.

“If only you did a different course”

If you’ve ever said this to someone, kneel, place your left hand on your head and ask the spirit of stupidity to lose its hold on you. We don’t need to point out that there’s nothing they could do with this information.

“Get the best out of this period by making money”

Stop broke-shaming people, it’s it’s insensitive— especially when you know the odds are against them in the current economy.

This is particularly common with the seven-figure Affiliate Marketers that are always making money from their phones. 

If only it were that easy

“What are you doing to add value to yourself?”

You ask because you care, and that’s great, but trying to stay alive and sane in this country should do for now.

“You should go and marry”

We’re embarrassed on your behalf because what in the seven seas would make you say this? Did your parents get married because they couldn’t finish school? If they did, the way you think makes a lot more sense.

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