If you are Nigerian, you’ll understand that some people have PhDs in oversabi. This ranks #1 in 100 of the most annoying things Nigerians do. That’s why we are calling them out. If you belong to any of these categories, please let that attitude stop this year. You’re not growing younger, you know?

1. That classmate who wants to be the teacher’s favourite.

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The teacher will ask someone to define a noun and Paulinus Scholastic Ekeledirichuwku will begin by saying “According to Ugo C. Ugo in his book English Shall Never Master Me published in Heinemann press, a noun can be unraveled to mean a nomenclature…” Please dear, never again. You’ll find them in primary schools, secondary schools, universities, offices, etc.

2. That course mate who goes overboard with assignments.

The lecturer will give the class a one-page assignment and some of them will type it on A4 paper, print, spiral bind, send the PDF to the lecturer, create a Powerpoint slide, and still come to class with a flash drive. On top of this first class that you want to collect? Nawa.

3. Motivational Speakers

Excuse me sir. You mean this 2020 we just started or another one? Cause e get as this tweet be o.

4. Fellowship Brothers and Mamas

They will ask them to lead a two-minute prayer but they will turn it to full revival. Then there are those ones that ask you to shout Halleluyah and still tell you, “That Halleluyah is too small for my God.” Please ma, when did you God appoint you as sound engineer for heaven?



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