When your lecturer says, “A is for God, B is for me,” you already know you’re in trouble and you have to put in extra effort to pass the course. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t. And here are some telltale signs you’re going to carry over a course. 

You go blank in the hall 

This is the first sign of doom. And if you’ve ever been in this situation, you know just how frustrating it is, especially if you actually tried your best to prepare. But at the sight of the first question, your brain decides to go completely go blank and the only thing you can think of is “God abeg o, who go help oh”.

You have no idea what the compulsory question is saying

The moment you check your question paper and realize the one topic you decided to skip came out as the compulsory question and two follow-up questions. So now you’re stuck in the hall calculating how many marks you need to pass.

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After the exam, you can’t relate to other people’s answers

Immediately after the exam, you see people discussing and you decide to join in. But while the argument is whether the correct answer is east or west, your own was semo. 

When you can’t even remember writing the exam 

The exam was so traumatizing, you completely blocked it out of your memory. In your mind, you know you already failed, so you’re mentally preparing for the next time you have to retake it.

When you refused to buy the lecturer’s textbook

You decided to call his bluff even after his numerous threats and warnings. But on the exam day, he shows up in the hall and separates those who have the book from those who don’t, right before he announces an open book exam.

You get to the hall and your formation gets scattered

They don’t just separate you from your friends, but they put you in the front row with your ex’s new partner, and now you’re trying to figure everything out on your own.

When you miss the most important class 

The one day you decide to stab a class is the same day the lecturer arrives early to class, takes attendance, shares his area of concentration, gives assignments, and even has a pop quiz — all of which constitute 60% of your total grade.

You feel the sudden inclination to learn a trade 

You already knew that school na scam. But after the particular exam, you find yourself checking out skills and job opportunities for people that don’t require education. You realize that your grades don’t define you, and you were always better with your hands anyway.

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