You have exams coming, but you haven’t been reading? Well here’s a Zikoko guide to help you pass an exam without reading.

1) Drop out of school

When you drop out, you’ve automatically passed the exam. Na person wey register exam fit fail am. A word is enough for the wise.

2) Write the exam in your dreams

Sometimes, we need to take things away from the physical realm and enter the dream realm. Arrange your pillows on your bed and get ready to create and write the exam of your dreams.

3) Write an exam you know

We didn’t specify the kind of exam you have to write. We just assured you we’d tell you how to write an exam and pass. You can write a primary school exam and prove to your enemies you still have the ability to pass exams.

4) Dinner with Jay-Z

The answer to all the problems is always Dinner with Jay-Z. When you get there, ask him to tell you the answers to your exam questions, and he will.

5) Use correction pen

Since you didn’t read, they might try to fail you. Just use a correction pen to change the F on the board to an A. Anything is possible with a correction pen.

6) Manifest an A

Light some candles, sit down in your room, and manifest an A. Just believe in the manifestation properties and experience the signs and wonders.

7) Make a deal with the devil

We heard Lucifer can be very kind and understanding. The highest he can ask you for is to sell your soul. How much is soul in the market?

8) Tell your lecturer you’ve passed

There’s power in the tongue, so all you have to do is tell your lecturer that you’ve passed the examination, and then walk out. Nothing else can happen after that. You’ve done it.




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