The educational system, amongst other failing “systems” in Nigeria is the absolute ghetto. Students in Federal universities seem to have it worse; from strikes to poor learning environments, and even strict dress codes imposed on them.

Read these 8 stories to get a closer glimpse into the struggles of the average Nigerian student and the worst things about Federal universities.

Lanre, 24

I attended a university that periodically went on strikes, and I hated it. Also, the fact that they are more prone to robbery. I mean, there was no semester where we weren’t afraid of being robbed or heard of hostels that were robbed. I found the class schedule tiring, especially in my department. It was as if the lecturers thought we had no other life aside from being a student.

Jay, 25

I completed my undergraduate studies in a federal university this year. One thing I hate about my experience is the lack of proper transportation system. I had a lot of issues with that from 100 – 400 level. I remember standing in queues for hours just to get a bus out of school, and standing on the road to get one going inside the school. The annoying thing is that most of the classes were usually slated for 8 a.m. The lecturers do not even want to understand the plight of students. It’s just terrible. Students should be able to access transportation easily like other places around the world.

Anthony, 23

One thing I hate about federal universities is lecturers not being properly monitored. How will a lecturer not come to class for like 2 weeks and still expect to be paid the month’s salary? Also, they don’t update their knowledge on the current developments playing out in their fields. I don’t know if it’s sheer laziness or unwillingness, but it’s really pathetic. The same lecturer would want you to pass a test or exam for a course you haven’t been taught.

Esther, 22

I hate everything about federal universities, honestly. From the lecturers who see themselves as next to God, to the countless struggles one has to deal with; dilapidated buildings, broken seats, and somehow, you’re expected to focus in class. Then, I detest that the school authorities keep bragging about how “A certificate from here is better than a certificate from private universities.” All lies! It’s just suffering. I’m in 400 level and can’t wait to be out.

Efe, 24

What I hate about my university is how wack lecturers in my department are. They just come into the lecture venue, read from a textbook and when you ask a question they don’t give any answer. We have inadequate facilities and equipment as well. Something I also can’t wrap my head around is having to pay the nonacademic staff to simply do their jobs.

Faith, 21

Federal universities are the absolute worst. Using my university as a case study, the hostels are like prison yards where they send hardened criminals. Even animals shouldn’t live there. Then let’s talk about the management and staff, both academic and nonacademic. They are like prison wardens sent to stress your life. Just small power you give them and they think they are the next best thing after sliced bread. Lecture halls are always packed with no place for students to sit except you come really early. Then the one that pisses me off the most is that I have to buy water because our taps do not rush. Let’s not even talk about how lecturers sell results and force students to buy handouts. By the way, my university is supposed to be “highly acclaimed.”

Cheta, 21

Omo. The strikes are never ending oh. When you are in the middle of a semester, they’ll just decide to strike. Sometimes I wonder if these lecturers have a conscience that pricks them. They always mark students down. At the end of a semester, you’ll see your exam or test scores and be surprised. Honestly, I just want to be done.

Debbie, 23

See ehn, I’m tired of this university and I can’t wait to leave them and their wahala. I’m in my finals, and outside classes, there’s really nothing the system has offered by way of advantage as it relates to the outside world. Everything I know about careers and positioning myself for opportunities I’ve had to be intentional about learning by myself. There is the constant bus issue that drains my soul. After a long day of lectures, you get to the school park hoping to get home and rest, only to see a long ass queue. They allot small venues for courses that over 400 students are offering. Where are you supposed to sit? There are the lecturers who are simply a bad fit for the courses they teach. Mind you, nothing really works, not even the wall clocks in lecture halls. There’s also the dress code and how they harass students for fixing nails, hair extensions and other insignificant things.


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