Students in their penultimate year of uni — the year before final year — are constantly treated like the middle children in a Nigerian family. If this is you, this post will make you feel seen.

1. When you wake up one day and find out that at least three years have passed and you haven’t done anything fun

What happened to all the glorious plans I made?

2. When you realise that first class is not happening and the 2.1 or 2.2 is even shaking 

Get thee behind me, Satan.

3. When you plan to make a last-ditch attempt to boost your CGPA but you see your courses for the session 

This is very hopeless.

4. When your eyes open and you start to wonder if you should have gone for another course

Buhari Not Yet Coherent Enough To Lead - Kaybat World

Because what is this life?

5. When people start asking you if you know what you want to do after school

mind your business GIF

I don’t even know what I will wear to class tomorrow. Don’t stress me, please.

6. And your parents start giving you the signs that they will soon leave you to your fate

Asking questions like: “When will you graduate again?” This is actually the start of the end.

7. When your lecturers start talking about final year project 

Why didn’t you think to start this complicated thing from 100-level?

8. When your school sends you out to do IT and expect you to find your placement yourself

jeff rosenstock thumbs down GIF by SideOneDummy Records

All this stress for an idea that isn’t mine

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