What does life look like for Gen Z Nigerians everywhere in the world? Every Friday, we ask five Gen Z Nigerian students one question in order to understand their outlook of life. 

Marrying while in the University is something that has been happening for a while. It was especially more popular among women in older generations, so we asked five students if they will get married while still trying to get a degree

Here is what they said:

Samantha; College of Medicine (UniLag), 20

Why will I do that? So when my mates are saying they have outings to go to, I’ll be running back home because of my husband? God forbid.

Nonso; Ambrose Ali University, 21

If I get a girl pregnant, I think I might. I do not like the idea of children growing up in broken homes. Other than that, I do not think so.

Zainab; University of Ibadan, 19

Let Nigeria remove the SSMPA then I’ll think about it. Until then; get this bread, get this head, then leave.

Adam; University of Port Harcourt, 20

Don’t kill me please. How many fuck I don fuck wey I go marry?

Fadekemi; Covenant, 21

Honestly, I’m tired of school. School stresses me out. If I see a rich man who’ll marry me and take care of me and my family, I don’t mind. Especially if he has no children and is about to die. Who school epp?

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